Precautions to take when using metric taps
Thread tapping is one of the most important aspects of any industry. You need your screws and bolts to fit into the right holes and nuts. A loose fitting can cause great damage to the machine. It can also pose dangers to human life depending of the utility of the machine. Therefore, it is imperative for anyone to ensure a perfect fit. The metric thread tap can ensure this in perfect measure.
You have seen the different types of metric taps used in the industry in some of our previous blogs. In this article, we shall concentrate on the precautions one needs to take while using the
metric tap .
It is very important for any person to know how to handle these tools. We shall discuss some of the most common precautions to take.
Precautionary measures:
1. Taps are brittle: In order to cut threads, the taps and dies should be harder than the materials they are cutting. The irony is that harder the substance, the more brittle it becomes. You do not want your tap to break away right in the midst of the procedure of threading. It not only makes the tap useless, but also makes removing the broken part difficult. This affects the machinery as a whole.  

2. Use right tools: The best tool to use under these circumstances is the T-handle. Some people use the wrench or pliers. They can work, but the chances of breakage are more. Secondly, you do not get a uniform thread when you use wrenches and pliers. The T-handle is the perfect implement to use.

3. Lubrication: There is generation of heat when you carve out threads. It is better if you use a lubricating fluid. This can reduce the heat and make it easy for the tap to drill its way through. In case of machine taps, the lubrication is required more because the process of drilling faster and continuous.

4. Be patient: Take your time to drill your way through. If the process demands you to be patient, it is better to be so. Taps are hard instruments. You have to be a bit patient with them. If you make haste, the chances of the breaking are more.

5. Remove the chips: Remember that the cutting will not be continuous throughout. There are a couple of cutting sections followed by a groove. This is known as the flute. The main job of the flute is to ensure that the chips keep clear of the cutting teeth and come out of the hole at regular intervals. This can prevent jamming of the tap.

6. Know your threads: There are different kinds of threads. The industries in US and Canada use different threads from that of the rest of the world. Hence, it is better to know the type of threads before you start carving them. The metric taps cannot be of much use in these conditions in the US and Canada because the measurement is different. Similarly, you should know your holes as well.
These are some of precautions to take while using the metric thread tap.